Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bridal Shower

I've been meaning to put up pics of a bridal shower I hosted about a month ago.  It was for my friend, Brittany, who recently tied the knot with her guy, Robbie. :)  We had lots of fun, talking, eating, and playing a couple games.  

As a side note, it was really fun for me, because Britt and I have a unique story.  We met in kindergarten and were in the same circle of friends until fourth grade.  I moved at the beginning of fourth, and that was that. I wasn't really able to keep in contact with my friends.  Well, eight years goes by, and I applied for a job at Lonnie's Dry Cleaners (just for the after school job).  I was hired and began working....and after about two weeks,  I finally asked about something that had been bothering me.  There was a girl there that seemed familiar...sort of, but we hadn't really talked.  I asked her her last name, and when she said it and asked what mine was, we both kind of started giggling as we realized who the other was.  We immediately started talking about old times in elementary and she asked me who I remembered.  That was seven years ago, and her and I have stayed good friends ever since. :)  She has always kept me up to date on the friends I remember, and at this bridal shower, little did I know that she had invited many of them.  I didn't recognize them when I sent out the invites, because many have different last names now.  But it was fun to see how everyone has grown up. :) 

Sorry for the long story....back to the pictures.  Here they be:


  1. I love the pictures Leesh! And the shower was amazing! Thank you again so much!!! P.S. I still owe you ice cream.

  2. This shower was amazing! How will I ever compare? You are so talented!