Monday, August 15, 2011

Destination anyone????

I know we have a lot of time before the big day. Hell, we have a lot of time before the YEAR of the big day...but there are certain things I would like to accomplish WELL in advance. One of them? Honeymoon. Let's face it, the earlier you book, the better the deals are.
And yes, I know, I know, shouldn't be that difficult to choose a destination.  After all, it's pretty much a splurge vacation. But Matt and I have had some trouble coming up with places we would like to go. What's the issue, you ask? Most people love to do the beach thing for a honeymoon. And, for starters, I'm about as dark as an albino. Plus, I don't tan, I glow. No really, I DO. If you're next to me in the sunlight, you need sunglasses because of me...more than the sun. Yeeeeuuupp!
Soo, because of this, I'm not exactly enthralled with the idea of a tropical setting. Sure, it's fun to lay on beach, but only when you can stay in the sun longer than ten minutes. Did I mention I burn like crazy??? I drove down the canyon in my car last weekend with my arm in the sun....I now have a sunburn. That would be a fifteen minute drive. Fif-teen. Minutes. So you see, we're trying to think outside the box with this whole honeymoon thing. Does anyone have any suggestions? Where are some fun places? Where did you go on your honeymoon? We've never been on a cruise, so that would be fun. But since we've never been, I have NO clue where we should go or anything about a cruise! I would be grateful for any and all suggestions on this one. We DO have a lot of time, so there's no need to panic about scheduling it yet, but I'd like to get some ideas! :)


  1. I was thinking Alaskan cruise, but late April may not be the greatest time frame for that. Plus, after going through a long hard winter, you may want something warm. What about Florida - Orlando - and hit Disney World and Universal, etc.? A cruise would definitely be good, and I recommend Caribbean, out of Florida or even out of Puerto Rice. Avoid the Pacific. Unless it's Hawaii. :)

  2. Robby and Brittany WilliamsAugust 15, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    What happened to the road trip up the west coast idea? Do you have a budget for your honeymoon? That might influence where you go and what you do?
    Sun Valley, Idaho is way cute (kind of Park City-ish) with skiing, hiking, snowmobile trails, great hot springs,great scenery, way cute shops and really yummy restaurants.
    Or New York -- that's what I would've chosen if we had the money.