Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Someone I'd like you to meet...

While we were in PA this year, in between holidays, family, and visiting, Matt and I had our most impulsive moment to date. 


I'm not this spontaneous, or crazy.

And this was ca-raaaayy-zy.

It started as a bet, or a dare, sorta...next thing you know, we're on our way to Jersey. 

And it all ended with this:

Ohhhhh yeah.

Sooooo, we got a puppy. Sure did.

Was it planned? Nope.


Not at ALL.

We made our usual trip to the local pet store in PA, and while we were there we met the cutest puppy. He was a little Aussie Shepherd. I'd never heard of the breed before, but he was super friendly and endearing. Er, he was also $1080. 

Say whaaaaa?


So we left, but that little one really made an impression on Matt and I.

While eating dinner the next night, Matt picked up the local daily classifieds catalog. He said something about puppies, I said something like, "yeah, right," and he told me if there were Aussie puppies for sale in the catalog we would go look at them the next day.

Well, what are the odds?

Apparently they were great, there were two puppy ads and one of them was definitely for Aussie puppies.

Location? Too far away?

Nope, a simple twenty minute drive across the border into Jersey.

We made an appointment and they next day we drove out to a little farm (very Charlotte's Web-esque) and met the puppies.

Amongst the crazy yipping, licking, climbing, crying, and nipping that you can expect from seven puppies, there was one that was sitting back from the group...just watching.

I put my hand out, and he Bambi-hopped over to me, tail wagging, and I was sold.

Soooo cute, calmer than his crazy sisters, and less destructive than the brothers. 

Oh, and he LOOOOOOVED Matt.  :)

After more playing and discussion ("Are we REALLY doing this?"), well, he was ours. :D

And with that, I'm pleased to introduce to you the newest and smallest member of our lil' family.


These pictures are from our first day together. 

Looking back, even though it's only been three weeks, I can't believe how little and different he looked. 


I took some more pictures after we'd had Cooper for about a week. 

We tired him out so he would sit still long enough for me to snap some photos.  :-)

As I said, tired boy:

I only have a few more.


These are from yesterday, and like I said, I can't believe how much he's changed:

These last two are my favorite. 

*Enter "Awwww's" here*

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