Sunday, August 29, 2010

New BAbY!!!! Well, sorta

Last week, I bought a new camera!!  (This was kind of a b-day present to myself....teehee)  I finally made the jump to SLRs, and I'm loving it so far!  Matt and I went up to Park City last week to try it out, and I had two very cute guys act as my models. ;)  We had so much fun with the kids, taking pictures, and walking around (the arts festival was on Main Street).  Here are a few I took:
Love me some Park City!
I have NO idea what he's doing....but I was able to take a portait I got that goin' for me!
The is Julie's little guy, JT...He has the longest eyelashes you've EVER SEEN!
Ok, so I personally love a good mozzarella stick.  This was his reaction to his first one.....hmmm, still deciding I think
The jury is good.  (but I love the face!)

My favorite picture :)
This is JT's cousin, Jackson.  Such a cute guy!

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  1. You need to update your blog missy! ;) Also, I may need your help with some scrapbooking in the not-so-distant future.