Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update on life

I've been wanting to blog lately, but I haven't had much to write about....but here I go anyway.  :)

There haven't been many changes in my life, I'm still working at the US Attorney's Office as the receptionist and travel coordinator.  I'm hoping to go back to school soon and start the nursing school process, but we have a hiring freeze over the federal government right now.  The government has cut our funding by A LOT, so I don't want to leave my job right now...I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to find another position (yikes!).  Matt was recently laid off and is now in the process of looking for another job.  He was hoping they were going to make his seasonal job into a permanent one, but they just don't have the funding.  :(  He's putting in lots of applications, so hopefully something will turn up soon.

Can I just say, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm soooo SOO SOOOO tired of the economy and the situation!  Bah!  I've been watching all of my friends graduate and try to start their lives, and we're all struggling so much just to make ends meet.  We all went to college with the idea that we were making a long term investment that would pay off, and now it seems that the degree doesn't do much for a person.  Now I'm by NO means saying I thought it would be easy and life would just fall into place...but I told Matt last week, at some point I think effort should be rewarded.  People who try and try should see something in return for their effort and hard work.  And I've watched (for the past two years) myself, Matt, as well as my good friends try to find jobs, keep jobs, and begin building a life just as our parents did.  And it seems as if the second you take a step forward, life throws you back to the beginning.  I've been frustrated with this (if you can't tell...) lately, and it can be hard to keep your chin up and stay positive.  I've very grateful for everything I have and the people in my life; my family and friends keep me going.  I'm thankful that I have my job and, as far as "I" go, I'm fairly stable at the moment.  But I would really REALLY love to start working towards my career and building a family.  And I hope that myself, along with the people I love, can finally catch a break with the economic situation.

Wow, it's amazing what comes out when you have nothing to say and you just start writing. :O  I didn't mean for this to be about the negative, I guess I've just been stressed by it lately.  I know sometimes I feel isolated with my stress, and I think that can make it worse....so hopefully, if anyone reads this and feels a little stressed, well, you aren't alone.  And chances are, if you are one of my friends who has dealt with this, you are one of the "people I love" I'm referring to.  :)

In other news (good news!), my friend Brittany was married last weekend....WOoHOo!  She looked soooo beautiful and happy in that gorgeous wedding dress, and she's found herself quite a guy! :)  I'm soo happy for her and I wish her nothing but lots and lots of love and smiles!  I know her husband Robbie, is waiting for an acceptance to nursing school, and Britt, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Well, I would say "I'll try to blog more often" but we know how that goes!  Hopefully I'll have some updates to write about soon.  Until then....ciao!

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