Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For a Good Cause

Primary Children's Medical Center is one of the best children's hospitals in the county. They have cutting-edge technology and since it's part of the University of Utah Medical & Research community, they are constantly updating on procedures and equipment. Both my brother and I were treated many times at that hospital, and the doctors and staff are wonderful to work with. They make sure that the environment is as "home-y" and comfortable for the kids as possible.

Seeing as how large the medical facililty is, they do many fundraisers each year to raise money for research, new equip, etc. One of the longest traditions and one of the biggest money producers is the Festival of Trees. My family has attended this every year, and this December was no exception.

People in the community decorate and donate Christmas trees to the festival (sometimes there are lots of presents included). Then, they auction off all the trees and put them on display for four days. That's where my family comes in. We get to go see all of the beautiful trees! They have groups (singing, dancing, school groups) come and perform in the expo so you have carols playing constantly. They also have a section of donated wreaths, small trees, playhouses, and my personal favorite, gingerbread houses! Oh, and did I mention they sell the most wonderful and delicious scones you've ever had????  ;)

This year, I made sure to take my camera and get lots of pictures of the trees. It was so hard to choose a favorite, they were all wonderful and so creative!

P.S. I apologize for the length of this post, I promise, 85% of it is just pictures. :)

(Click on an image to see a slideshow)

A very "beary" Christmas!

There's always a U of U tree. Love. Go Utes!

"...Wherever there is fun, there's Always Coca-Coooola!"

Who doesn't love a motorcycle tire tree??

My dad was all over this one.

Christmas in Paris! I think next year, the French should do this to the real one. Yup.

Some of the trees have pictures and stories attached of people/children who have either been treated at PCMC or have somehow been affiliated with the hospital.  And some have been decorated in memory of a specific person. I loved this one.

This one was very creative, "Season's Treetings."

Okay, I said I couldn't choose a favorite. I did. 
This was the winner this year. "'Up' on the Housetop."

Uhhh, can ya tell it was my favorite? I only took about 75 pictures of it....yeah, the people behind us looooved me.

This one was one of those where I have to just walk away, or I'll cry. This one was called "He's Finished His Race." It was in memory of a little boy named Logan.

A Minnie Mouse tree

And I love this one. It was donated for a soldier and his family. Makes me thankful that mine's home for good.

A SnOoPy tree! Eeee!

And we HAD to go through the gingerbread village!
First stop, the Weasley's Burrow from Harry Potter.

"Tangled," anyone?? This was one of my favorites (again, please note the number of pictures...). I loved how the prince was actually suspended.

Beehive pride! Go Utah!

Tee hee, I started laughing when I saw this one. Love it! Shout out to the East coast!

Aaaaaand, dun dun dun DUN! The finale. This same organization does a couple every year, and they are works of ART. Last year, it was an amusement park, and this year, the Capitol and Madagascar.

All edible, can you believe it?!?!

Took a time-out for some family pics. :)

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