Thursday, June 23, 2011

Deliciousness in a glass!!

I discovered something wonderful tonight! There is a coffee shop in Fashion Place mall outside of Nordstrom. They make the most fabulous drink! I cannot for the life of me, remember the name. It's "Sun"....something. Sunkiss? Sunbeam? Something like that. But, I watched how they made it, and promptly came home to try and recreate it! I think I figured it out, and I also made a slight change for another version. It is as follows:

1 part orange juice
2 parts iced tea (regular or lemon)
A splash of raspberry flavoring (to taste)

It's a fruity summer drink...Mix and enjoy!! 

I also altered the iced tea ingredient for an "Arnold Palmer" (half ice tea and half lemonade) and, it was delectable as well! TTFN!

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