Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding planning and such

The good news about dating for four years?? You kind of get an idea of what kind of wedding you want. Matt and I have talked about a lot of the details of the wedding before, and it's making this planning process awesome! Here's what's been decided:

Day: April 28, 2012
Ceremony: Snowbird, Summit Room (10th floor!!)
Reception: Snowbird, Golden Cliff
Colors: Teal and Green (still working on the shade of green, hehe) Ivory, and Black
Dress: Chosen, but shhh, can't tell!! ;)

We have a photographer lined up, the food chosen, we've registered...I think that's it so far. :) We didn't get any pictures from the engagement night (I KNOW, I know....kicking myself for that one.), but here are some from the next day.  We took the car over to my friend Michelle's house so her husband, Travis, could take it for a spin! It was so fun to watch Matt and Travis "ooo" and "ahhh" over the car, like little kids in a candy store! Michelle and I smiled and nodded. ;)

Ah, I love this much!

My beee-U-tiful ring!!

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