Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brownies and Flowers

Last week, I was getting ready for bed around 11:30. Matt lays down on the bed and says, "You know? I could really go for some brownies right now." Me, jokingly: "I could always go for some brownies." Well, he got up to take out contacts, brush teeth, etc. I settled in, thinking I was going to be sleeping soon. Not. so. much.
Next thing I know, I hear pots being banged around (it's 11:45). Really?? So I get up, go to the kitchen, and Iron Chef is out here throwin' some Betty Crocker brownies together. 

Me: "Sooooo.........whatcha doin?"
Matt: "Oh, I'm making some brownies."
Me: "Wow, look at that clock!"
Matt: "Yeah, but they don't take very long to bake."
Me: "Noooo, pretty sure they do."
Matt: "No, see? the box minutes... ohhh..."

He'd already made up the batter, sooooo, yes, we (he) made brownies at midnight. And did I stay up RIDICULOUSLY late to eat some? Sure did! I ate two in bed. Matt cracks me up, he's wayyy more impulsive than I am, and it keeps me on my toes! :)
So, next time you're up late and can't sleep? Meh, make some brownies!!

A couple days later after the late night baking class, I received a special delivery at work. Matt brought me some flowers...aren't they pretty?? I love, LOVE them! The best part is he brings me flowers "just because"...and after almost five years together! I'm definitely not one of those girls who thinks flowers are a waste of money. They always make me smile every time I see them, which is the whole point! Love love love! I feel so spoiled lately, love my guy!

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